Parking Lot
Are parking attendants in key locations for traffic flow?
Are parking attendees wearing vests/using wands? are they friendly, engaging with guests, waving to cars? are their motions emphatic enough to give clear direction?
Are team members doing any of the following:
Are team members doing any of the following:
Thinking as a first-time guest, could you easily identify the following things:
Is a greeter consistently available to help families check in?
Are JK team members easily identifiable?
Do the kidz areas feel secure (a person couldnt wander in without permission)?
Do the classrooms feel adequately staffed?
Is the kidz area (tables/counters/rooms/floors) clutter free?
Are all computers working and on the right screen?
Is "What's Happening" in place?
Are ushers able to help people find seats?
Is the auditorium cleared and prepared for the next service? are the seats and rows clutter free?
Is walk in music playing, screens, and lights ready for when doors open?
Communication from stage:
In welcome/giving segment/ close are we providing inspiration and information for each segment? is there a clear action to steps we give?
Did you hear the why in our communication and not just the how?
Did what we covered need any visual support on screens?
Were transitions smooth?
Did everything get covered in run thru that is happening in the service?
Did lyrics stay in sync/pace with the music?
Was in-service language consistent with run thru language?