SERVICE—Lending a hand to help someone else

“Jesus sat down and called for the 12 disciples to come to him. Then he said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last. They must be the servant of everyone.” Mark 9:35, NIrV

WEEK 1  JOHN 13:1-17 Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet

SAY THIS: Serve others because of what Jesus did for us.

WEEK 21 PETER 4:10-11 Meet People’s Needs

SAY THIS: Look for ways to serve others.

WEEK 3JOHN 6:1-13 Feeding 5,000

SAY THIS: Use what you have to serve others.

WEEK 4MATTHEW 6:1-4 Give in Secret

SAY THIS: Serve others without looking for applause.

Morning time: As you say goodbye to your child this morning say this: “Be on the lookout today for someone who needs help. Helping others is a way to show God’s love.”

Drive time: While driving tell your child to be on the lookout for ways we can serve. Is the park dirty? Let’s make a plan to clean it up! Pay for someone’s meal in the drive through. Talk about how you can help your teacher or a friend in school.

Meal time:

Q & A for kids: What holds you back from serving others sometimes?
Q & A for parents: Share about a time someone served you and it brought you joy.

Bed time: Read John 13. Jesus, God’s own Son, set aside what He deserved to serve His friends. We can serve our friends
and families and the people we meet every day. Together, brainstorm some creative ways that you could serve others at home, school, and in your community. Then choose one to do this week. Ask God to give each of you a heart and opportunity to serve others.



Sunday February 24th. We invite you to join your kid(s) (K-5th grade) in the Outreach Center for a Kidz Live at either the 9am OR 11am experience. 45 minutes of creating memories with your kids, and then spend 15 minutes with the Kids Pastor to be encouraged and equipped with the 167 hours in the week that are left after you leave. Finally, our PreK Director will have an Open House, after each experience, in the main building for your PreK kids.


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